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      ABOUT US




      The center is a national tea auction and trading service platform initiated by Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,confirmed by the State Commerce Department,National Development and Reform Commission,National Supply and Marketing Cooperative General Agency,etc,being approved by the state Council,sponsored by the Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Zhejiang Province,undertaken by Zhejiang Xinghe Group,and participated by tea industrial organizations and related enterprises.

      The function of the center

      ● Tea transaction function:providing a transaction service platform for Chinese tea producers and sellers and international purchasers.

      ● Information service function:contact international and national major tea market timely and accurately provide tea market information.

      ● Price forming function:the tea price index formed in the center is instructive to the national and world tea price forming.

      ● Quality assurance function:make quality inspection to the tea entering the center.

      ● Supporting service function:provide services of storage,logistics,settlement,etc for traders.


      Trading methods

      ● The trading center will construct two platforms for spot trading and online trading.

      ● Spot trading is the center that provides auction hall,regularly organizes auctions according to auction rules,and provides spot auction and transaction services for stationing members.

      ● Online transaction is the center that organizes the members to make online,remote and real-time bidding transactions on the base of the tea auction website(www.coronabroadcast.com) .


      Trading characteristics

      ● Membership trading system.The member participating in the trading must register as the center members.

      ● Agency trading system.The stationing members accept the authorization of enterprises and tea growers and act as agency for trading.

      ● Margin trading system.The members participating in the trading must pay trading deposits according to the requirements.

      ● Trading goods standard registration system.Trading goods standards is registered in the center as the inspection basis,and gradually realize the standardization of trading goods.

      ● Third-party quality inspection system.The quality of trading goods is entrusted to the third-party for inspection according to the requirements to ensure its quality and safety.

      ● Third-party quality settlemen system.Implement the third-party settlement for trading funds to safeguard the legal rights and benefits of the both parties.


      Member qualification

      ● Leading enterprises and brand enterprises in tea production origins,professional tea cooperatives,and teamarketing enterprises in various regions.

      ● The enterprises with QS certification,CIQ certification,Organic certification,Green Food certification and Certificate of Origin are priority.

      ● Providing:license of the business corporation,tax registration certificate,Organization Code Certificate,Hygiene License,signature card,official document of appointed accout,legal representative identification paper,dealer’s authorization and qualification registry.

      ● For detail,please refer to the “Administrtive Measures of China International Tea Auction & Trading Service Center” ,the “Spot Auction &Trading Regulations of China International Tea Auction &Trading Service Center”and the “Electronic Auction & Trading Regulations of China International Tea Auction &Trading Service Center”.



      ADD:Xinghe Mansion,No.88,Fuxing Road,Shangcheng District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province.







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